4 Popular Weed Eater Attachments 4 Popular Weed Eater Attachments

There are several weed eater attachments that can help to make your lawn and garden look great. Here is a little information to help decide which are best for you.

Attachment 1 - Lawn Edger

This attachment can be added on with a simple click. It can be used to make the edges of your lawn and garden look neat and trim.

Attachment 2 - Brush Cutter Trimmer

This attachment has a blade to cut down any brush near by and then teeth to help catch it and clear it from the area afterward. Like the edger, this attachment is easy to install with a simple click on.

Attachment 3 - Blower Trimmer

The blower trimmer attachment blows leaves and grass away from the area while it trims allowing you to work without having to worry about anything in your way. It installs easily and it has a flare nozzle that comes with the attachment to allow it to blow as it trims.

Attachment 4 - Cultivator Trimmer

This particular attachment allows you to trim in shape as you go. This will allow you to design as you are working to give your garden a pleasant look and feel.

Each of these attachments are great to have and cater to different areas of the lawn. Evaluating your lawns needs will help you to decide which are best for you to have.

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