4 Practical Uses for Needle Nose Pliers

If you enjoy making crafts, working on computers or doing some of your own home or hobby wiring then one tool you cannot be without is a pair of needle nose pliers. Needle nose pliers are very distinctive and can be easily recognized from a group of other kinds of pliers. They are unique because needle nose pliers are skinnier than other pliers and their distinctive pointy nose set them apart from these other pliers. There are some obvious uses for needle nose pliers but there are also things you can use needle nose pliers for that you may not have thought of. The information you find here will help show you just how useful needle nose pliers are.

Outlet Wiring

If you are someone that likes to wire your own outlets or switches then needle nose pliers are a perfect tool to have in your tool box. Most tools that you use are bulky and difficult to maneuver in areas as small as light switch boxes and outlets. Needle nose pliers are great for getting into these tight areas to grip wires and to move them around.

Wire Cutter

In many circumstances you would use another tool to cut wires. Needle nose pliers are a tool that is multipurpose for your wiring needs. As you are working with small wires inside an outlet or switch box you often need to stop to grab another tool to cut wires. On the end of needle nose pliers (near the back of the handles) is an area that is fine enough for cutting small gauge wires. This type of wire is very commonly found in these outlet and switch boxes.

Computer Repair Work

Working with computers can be a very fun and rewarding hobby or small business venture. Needle nose pliers are often included in tool cases that are made specifically for computer repairs and refurbishing needs. Computer cases are very cramped areas and needle nose pliers are perfect for this environment. Not only can needle nose pliers be used to cut long wires but can also be used to retrieve small screws. Not only are they useful for these two things but they can also be used to grip wires concealed on the other side of the case. Tiny screwdrivers are easily lost but needle nose pliers are small enough to fit nicely in the head of a Philips screwdriver.


Needle nose pliers, believe it or not, are used more by craft enthusiasts than most service professionals. This especially is the case with those working with jewelry. Bead makers will use needle nose pliers to not on grip the tiny beads but also to thread them onto the wire or nylon. They can also assist you with tying and trimming the wires or nylon. People that work with the setting of stones also find great uses for needle nose pliers. These uses can include holding necklace chains, installing clasps, gripping stones to set them into the holders and to hold pieces in place until adhesives begin to work.