4 Protective Floor Covering Materials for Homes 4 Protective Floor Covering Materials for Homes

Many homeowners use protective floor covering to keep their floors in good condition for longer. Floor coverings also help to reduce maintenance work on the floor. Several floor covering options are available on the market. There is a boundless array of designs, shapes, patterns and colors available for each type. Below are 4 popular options.


Not only does vinyl floor covering give the floor excellent protection, it is also one of the most durable options. It is easy to install and is also low maintenance. Vinyl floor covering is a favorite in bathrooms and kitchens due to the high incidence of moisture in these rooms. It also protects the floor from stains. Vinyl floor covering is extremely versatile. It can be used to create a wide range of designs. You can get vinyl floor covering that resembles tiles, stone or wood. Color and texture combinations are virtually unlimited with vinyl. Some of the most fashionable home floors incorporate vinyl covering.


Carpets are one of the most convenient protective floor covers available to homeowners. The beauty of carpets is that they can be used on and off. However, for wall-to-wall carpeting, this gives a more enduring effect. Carpets insulate the room well during cold weather. They provide a cushioned walking surface that is more comfortable than most other floor covers. A carpeted floor also absorbs sound well.

The anti-skid surface of a carpeted floor appeals to many. The materials, design and color options are numerous. Carpets are especially ideal on stone floors. They add beauty to the room while allowing the beauty of the floor to be appreciated. Concrete, marble, granite or limestone floors can all benefit from a carpet. However, carpets require regular cleaning.

Mats and Rugs

Mats and rugs protect the floor from scratches, chips and spills. This helps keep your floor in great condition for longer. Mats and rugs are an affordable option. Due to their small size and lightweight nature, they can be shifted with ease according to need. They are especially ideal for protecting the garage floor. The bathroom floor can also benefit from mats to protect from water spillages. The mobility of mats and rugs makes them easy to clean when dirty. Simply roll up the mat and take it outside for a thorough wash. The versatility of mats gives you more choice when it comes to installation. You may place the mats individually in specific areas or lay out a large portion from wall to wall to give a finished look.


Rubber floor covering is ideal for protecting floors in the bathroom, playroom or garage. Rubber floor covering effectively protects your floor from damages caused by heavy impacts. Spills onto the floor are also prevented with rubber covering in place. The beauty of rubber is that it is easily installed. Rubber protective floor covering provides a cushioned and comfortable walking or play surface. It absorbs noise well. Rubber covering also increases the insulation properties of the house. This helps make the house more energy efficient.

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