4 Questions to Ask Guests in a Wedding Video 4 Questions to Ask Guests in a Wedding Video

A nice touch at a wedding reception is to hire someone or ask a friend to make a wedding video. The person goes around the reception interviewing guests. In the video, funny stories are told, questions are asked, and it ends up being a humorous keepsake to view later in life. A professional videographer can even edit it and add music and graphics to make it into a high quality work–like a moving photo album. It’s a good idea to prepare some questions for the video operator to ask the guests. It helps if the person making the video is quick witted and knows the bride and groom well.

4 Questions to Ask Wedding Guests

Nothing should be asked that sheds a negative light on the newlyweds or their special day, but a little good-natured ribbing is acceptable and in some cases desirable. A wedding video should be similar to a tasteful roast–not just of the couple but of the guests too. Possible questions to ask wedding guests include:

  • How long have you known the bride/groom?

  • Where did you meet them?

  • Admit it. It was you who got them the egg beater (substitute inexpensive gift) from the registry, right?

  • I never thought (she’d/he’d) go through with it. Was it just me, or was the (bride/groom) wearing wool socks?

There are endless possibilities for both humorous and poignant questions to ask guests at a wedding when making a video. They can offer little ribs, but they should never be off color or insulting.


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