4 Reasons Not to Finish Garage Walls

Although garage walls can look much better when finished, there are several good reasons to leave them in an unfinished state.

1 - Expense

It costs money to finish the garage walls. You have to buy insulation, drywall and all the other materials necessary for installation. Unless you’re planning on using your garage regularly for working, it’s money that’s wasted.

2 - Time

Finishing garage walls takes time and effort that you might be able to use more productively elsewhere. Unless you’re going to make regular use of the space, there are much better things you can do with your time.

3 - Storage

It can be a great deal easier to store things in a garage with unfinished walls. To hang something from the wall, for instance, you only need to drive in a hook, rather than use a stud finder. The appearance isn’t as important as utilizing the space in the best possible way.

4 - Remodel

Where there are future plans to remodel the house, which could include the garage area, finishing the garage walls can prove to be a pointless exercise, as all the work will need to be removed eventually. By waiting, the cost and labor only need to be undertaken once instead of twice.