4 Reasons to Get Acrylic Pegboards

As far as pegboards are concerned, when it comes to displaying wares in a store, acrylic is the material of choice. There are other options including wood, fiberboard and metal, but for the price you will pay, the strength, versatility and modest attractiveness of acrylic cannot be beat. Home workshop pegboard systems are most often constructed out of wood or a wood-based composite. Besides the price, one reason for this is that they are easily made at home. For commercial displays, you want want a material that looks great and will last. Acrylic has use in the home as well, especially when appearance and overall weight are important.

4 Reasons to Use Acrylic Pegboards

  1. Versatility: Acrylic pegboard is laser cut to precise specifications and has the ability to support several single, double and multiple-prong hooks from which to hang goods. In addition, small lightweight brackets and shelves are hangable from pegboard. Acrylic slat wall board is the same idea, only instead of pegs the board consists of rows of horizontal slats. Single hook bars, multiple hook bars, pegs, shelves and brackets are also available for use on slat walls.

  2. Attractiveness: Whereas wood may splinter, crack and needs to be painted or stained periodically, acrylic does not. Wood-based composites such as particle board warps if wet, and it is not the most attractive material by far. Acrylic pegboard comes in attractive clear and black varieties. It may be available in custom colors for special orders. When well kept it does not chip, crack, splinter or warp. In a clean, tidy environment such as a store where appearances matter greatly, you cannot afford to display merchandise cheaply.

  3. Lightweight: Lighter than all of the alternatives including wood, fiberboard and metal, acrylic pegboard is easily moved, mounted or displayed on an easel. The hooks, pegs, shelves and brackets that fit onto the pegboard or slat wall are made from the same lightweight material as the board itself. Provided too much weight is not hung from the board, it will maintain its shape and integrity for a long time to come.

  4. Price: The cost of acrylic pegboard varies from supplier to supplier, but a good estimate for a 4 foot by 2 foot board with laser-cut holes 1 inch on center ranges from $90 to $100. While this is more expensive than you will pay for wood or fiberboard, metal is more expensive. Besides that, the quality of acrylic guarantees you will make up your investment in no time as acrylic pegboard displays are assets in a store.

For commercial use, acrylic pegboard or slat wall display boards are the best choice. In terms of price, weight, look and versatility, acrylic is far superior to wood and fiberboard and less weighty and expensive than metal. While the benefits of using acrylic pegboards in stores are beyond doubt, in homes acrylic pegboards fit well in laundry rooms, garages and basements where tidy, lightweight fixtures are needed.