4 Reasons to Go with Green Home Designs 4 Reasons to Go with Green Home Designs

Are you looking for reasons to try out green home designs for a change? A green home is one which has been built to be as environmentally friendly as possible and serves to provide a healthy living alternative for its inhabitants. There are many ways in which you can go green. However, the primary way is through your home since this is where you live most of your life and carry out most of your daily activities.

If you are planning to go in for a green home, the primary things that you would need to consider are energy or electricity, heating and water. For example, you might choose to install low-flow toilets, energy-efficient appliances and effectively installed insulation, All of these would need good consideration on your part. By going green with your home, you will find that you are contributing towards your own individual welfare as well as to the protection of the environment. This is one reason why green homes are rising in popularity. There are many more reasons to go with green home designs and some of these are elaborated below:

Reason 1  - Minimize Energy

A green home drastically minimizes the energy it uses as well as the waste it creates. This is because these homes use building materials that are free of toxins and therefore improve overall air quality by combating indoor pollution. There are many health issues such as asthma and allergies as well as multiple chemical sensitivity (mainly in children) that can be reduced if you go in for green home designs.

Reason 2 - Cost Effective

These homes are generally cost effective in the long run, despite the fact that the initial charges of designing and building them are quite high. This is due to the fact that resources and utilities are used more efficiently and therefore most bills are greatly reduced. It is also important to note that the appliances used within a green home last longer. Also, medical costs are reduced since the inhabitants’ overall health improves. Because of energy efficiency, electric and gas bills will not longer skyrocket if you go in for a green house design.

Reason 3  - Eco-Friendly

There are numerous overall environmental benefits that work well with a green home aside from the important individual benefits. Efficient cooling and heating systems reduce overall energy requirements and therefore reduce pollution. The demand for water is reduced by efficient plumbing that these homes have. The waste that is produced in designing and building a green home is much less than in a standard home and, once again, goes a long way to keeping these homes eco-friendly.

Reason 4  - Government Incentives

Many utility companies and government organizations offer added incentives for those who go in for green home designs in the form of tax breaks and rebates. This is similar to tax credits that are given to those who purchase hybrid vehicles and are now being offered to houses that choose to go with green designs.




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