4 Reasons to Install a Cobblestone Wall Veneer 4 Reasons to Install a Cobblestone Wall Veneer

When it comes to design, a cobblestone wall can really set your landscaping apart from the rest. This material has been used for building for centuries all over the world, and many of old structures are still standing today. A veneer provides the same classic look for a fraction of the cost. Read on to learn about other benefits of a cobblestone veneer wall.


No cobblestone wall is the same as the next as the pieces must fit together in different ways each time. The technique of arranging all those cobblestones varies from person to person. This is why if you choose to construct cobblestone walls, you’ll be assured that no other house will ever have the same kind of wall. A cobblestone wall is a great way to showcase your individuality. 

Focal Point

Because you do not see cobblestone houses and even cobblestone roads and walls that often, having a cobblestone wall will serve as an accent piece for your home. Who would have ever thought that you can make a focal point out of a single wall? But then, you can just as long as the wall has so much character and cobblestones are just full of character. Add charm instantly to your home by creating a cobblestone wall. You can set your wall near a fountain or a garden for added appeal.


Do you need to construct a floating wall for your loft? Do you think that your space is just too bare that you feel devoid of privacy? If you need to construct a new wall for your home, why not make a cobblestone wall instead? It will certainly be more striking than just another floating wall. And it can influence the entire feel of the wall even without you having to spend anything on furniture and décor. Cobblestone walls may be pretty but they serve their function too whether it is for privacy or for spicing up boring space.


Building a cobblestone wall out of real cobblestones can be really expensive. Remember that cobblestones aren’t that commonly produced the same ways that bricks are. This fact can totally drive up the price for every cobblestone. And not to mention that those stones weigh considerable weight and setting all that in a wall will require you certain skills and techniques that the average reasonable homeowner does not have. You’ll have to hire contractors then. But with cobblestone veneers, you can mimic the same look and feel of a real cobblestone wall without having to spend much for it.

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