4 Reasons to Install Heat in an Enclosed Porch

An enclosed porch allows you to enjoy more sunlight and increases the space in your home. However, you may only be able to comfortably use your porch on warm, sunny days, unless you decide to install heat in your porch.

1. Use the Porch at Night

After the sun sets is one of the most popular times to host social gatherings. Your enclosed porch may make an ideal location for your guests, but it may be too cold once it's dark to spend time on the porch. Installing heating ensures that you can use the porch at night as well.

2. Use the Porch Year-Round

An enclosed porch can be completely unusable during colder months, which means that during all of the winter and much of the spring and fall in some climates--virtually most of the year--you can't use your porch. Having heat installed means that you can comfortably relax in your porch year-round.

3. You Can Install More Amenities

Many popular amenities for an enclosed porch, such as a wet bar, do not withstand uncontrolled temperatures. The excessive cold that your porch will sometimes experience can warp or drip condensation onto your amenities made from wood and other such material.

4. Keeps Your House Temperature More Regulated

Most enclosed porches are connected to greater living areas and may or may not have a door separating them. Cold air can leak through and cause your home's central heating system to work harder to keep the home heated, unless you heat the porch itself.