4 Reasons to Use Natural Sponges on Your Kitchen Sink 4 Reasons to Use Natural Sponges on Your Kitchen Sink

There are four main reasons why it is a good idea to use natural sponges for cleaning your kitchen sink. Natural sponges are a safe and effective product that is often overlooked by people who have decided to live a healthier and greener lifestyle.

1. Durable

The first reason to use natural sponges in your kitchen sink is because they are extremely durable and last a long time. Synthetic sponges become dirty and germ infested very quickly. It is recommended to use your synthetic sponge for no longer than one month. However, some kinds of natural sponges can last up to 10 years if they are treated with care. Additionally, with a sponge that lasts that long, you will save a significant amount of money.

2. Not Harmful

Natural sponges have no synthetic materials in them that are harmful to the health of you and your family. Almost all commercial sponges contain harsh ingredients, such as Triciasan and Microban, which are classified as pesticides by the Environmental Protection Agency.

3. Effective

Natural sponges contain enzymes that help prohibit the growth of mold, mildew and bacteria.

4. Beneficial to the Sponge

Similar to how pruning a plant is beneficial in stimulating the growth of a pant, crop rotation and harvesting of the sponges helps to increase growth.

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