4 Safe Flooring Options for Your Nursery

Fixing the nursery is one of the first things you need to do when a new baby is on the way. Flooring is an important aspect of the nursery design that all parents should be concerned with. Below, you will find some of the safest flooring options that you can consider for your new baby's nursery.

1. Hardwood Floor

Hardwood floor is the safest flooring option of all. That is as long as the hardwood is 100% sustainable, not reclaimed, not laminated, not stain, nailed down to the floor, and has natural non-toxic sealant that does not contain any UV protection. You can soften hardwood by using wool rugs, rubber tiles, or natural cotton mats. This type of flooring is very easy to clean. Keeping dust away is a cinch. You don't have to worry much about allergies from dust mites and dirt. Not only that, it can also instantly add beauty to the nursery because of its aesthetic quality. Probably the only downside to this is the price. Hardwood floors can get very expensive.

2. Natural Fiber Carpet

Carpet is not usually recommended, as it can trap dust and molds that can trigger allergic reaction on your child. But if you really want to use carpet, the best option would be one that is made from high quality natural fibers like sisal, jute, wool, or hemp. It should be tacked down (not glued), have no latex backing, and must be supporrted using a wood base and not foam. It should be fire-retardant and free from toxic chemicals like moth proofing, adhesives, formaldehyde, VOC, and glue. Make sure that you vacuum the entire carpet at least every other day. Everyday vacuuming is necessary for dusty areas. Always check if the carpet is damp as this can breed molds. The softness of carpet and its cheap price are two things that make some parents think that all the extra vacuuming and cleaning are worth it.

3. Bamboo Floor

Bamboo floor was inspired by Asian design. Some parents in the western side of the globe have begun using bamboo flooring for nurseries because of the material's antimicrobial, hard-wearing, and waterproof qualities. On top of that, it is also durable, attractive, and cheap. It only costs around $3-$5 per square foot. However, be sure that you get bamboo flooring that is free from formaldehyde resin, as this can be harmful to your little one.

4. Cork Floor

Cork material comes from the cork oak tree bark. But the tree is not destroyed when obtaining the material so you don’t have to worry about nature when you purchase this type of flooring. Some parents prefer this type of flooring because it’s water resistant, durable, visually appealing, and long lasting. This material can last up to 15 years so even though it costs more than bamboo, the investment would be worth it. Not to mention, it’s soft enough for babies to crawl on. Make sure that you find cork made from 100% cork oak bark without any formaldehyde binder.