4 Safety Concerns When Using an Electric Scooter 4 Safety Concerns When Using an Electric Scooter

Using an electric scooter instead of other forms of transportation is an economical way of commuting. It is also a good way of saving on the use of fossil fuels and of helping the environment. In addition, there are many advantages of having one. It is less expensive to buy than a car, you do not have to spend a lot of time in searching for a suitable parking space, and it does not use gas at all. However, as with all types of transportation, there are some safety concerns that you have to take care of in order to ride the vehicle with comparative security.

Appropriate Electric Scooter Gear

When riding an electric scooter, always make sure that you are wearing the right gear for protection, and check with your local regulations regarding the use of electric scooters. There are jurisdictions that require a driver to have a helmet on all the time while driving an electric scooter. It is also usually mandated to have specific shoes on so that your feet are comfortable when you stop at traffic sights and stop signs. If the kind of clothing is your concern, it is best to wear long pants and long sleeved shirts when riding a scooter. Further consideration should include bugs and other objects that might be flying into your face when you ride down the road. If winter has set in, take some precautions against the coldness of the outdoors because you will not be shielded from the weather as you would in a car.

Local Traffic Regulations

Always observe traffic rules that are required on a particular territory. Never go into sidewalks or roads where electric scooters are not around to prevent a mishap. However, in roads where the electric scooter is allowed, you are expected to obey the same traffic rules as other types of vehicles. Always stop at stop signs and make turn signals when you are about to turn. Most of the accidents involving electric scooters happen because the other driver did not see or notice that the scooter is going to stop or turn.

Electric Scooter Legal Requirements

Most of the states have their own rules regarding insurance coverage and licenses for electric scooters. If you are going to use the scooter on a public highway or road, you will most probably need to have insurance or a registration. Most of the jurisdictions will also require you to have a valid driver's license and be at least 16 years old.

Guidelines Set by Manufacturers

Most of the electric scooters that are sold on the market were not designed to be used at night or in the rain. Many of the current models are not incorporated with headlights, so it will be very difficult to see at night. There is also the danger of others not seeing you. They also cannot withstand too much water exposure, and if your battery gets wet, you are liable to receive a nasty shock since the scooter is designed to be operated by batteries.

An electric scooter is designed to carry a single adult rider. If you are going to have a passenger, see to it that you do not exceed the load limit of the scooter. The vehicle may sink down and can be wrecked if the wheels come in contact with the fenders. The frame and body of the scooter are also not designed to withstand the stress of pulling or towing anything.

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