4 Safety Rules to Follow When Using a Band Saw

Though a band saw can be one of the handiest power tools in your possession, this by no means makes it any less dangerous if not used correctly. However, by abiding by some safety rules you can ensure that you can remain safe while using it.  


After making sure the power supply is disconnected, inspect the band saw prior to each use to ensure that no errant pieces of scrap are present in any of the components. This examination will also give you the opportunity to check the parts of the saw to confirm that they are all fitted and aligned properly and that none have become loose or sustained damage.


Though it seems like an obvious rule that should go without saying, remember to keep your hands away from the blade. While holding the material that you are directing through the band saw, your hands should be no closer than 3 inches either side of the blade. Do not ever place your hands directly in the path of the blade. Use a pushing stick for this purpose if it becomes necessary.

After switching the blade on, wait for it to reach its highest speed before beginning to cut. The material must be flat against the table and not held in mid air. When cutting curved lines, work very slowly to gradually work the material through the saw to avoid snapping the blade.

Assuming that you are skillful enough to hold the material in the path of the blade is how accidents occur. Similarly, at all times during your use of it, you need to keep your eyes on the tool. Do not allow yourself to get distracted enough for your eyes or hands to drift from where they should be. Do not ever walk away from the saw while it is running.           


Failing to regularly clean and maintain the band saw can cause it to become clogged and stop it from working properly. Check that the power supply has been disconnected before undertaking any cleaning. Avoid using your fingers to remove any scraps or particles around the blade and use a brush instead. The cleaning process should be undertaken after each use. If the blade or fasteners have suffered wear and tear or damage, replace them by using the relevant tools and applying a little lubricating oil if the connectors are stiff.


Don’t forget the sundries required during the use of your band saw to ensure that you remain safe while you use it. Make sure the safety guard is in place whenever you use the saw. The speed in which the saw blade rotates can cause particles to fly off the material being cut so it is prudent to wear a pair of protective goggles every time you use it. If working with wood, wear a face mask to prevent irritation from the saw dust. Avoid wearing any loose fitting clothing and ensure that your sleeves are nowhere near the saw. Though the saw should not be loud enough to cause damage to your hearing, it may still be uncomfortable if you have sensitive hearing. Where this is the case, use a pair of ear plugs while using the saw.