4 Sewer Line Cleaning Tips

When you own your own property that means that you may have to, at one time or another, deal with sewer line cleaning. It is a problem that homeowners periodically face because as you use your toilet and drains, everything winds up going down the sewer line.

If your sewer line gets backed up it can cause serious damage to not only the sewer line itself but to your property. Sewer line cleaning is not a glamorous job but one that must inevitably be done.

The article below will share with several tips on and tricks on sewer line cleaning, basic maintenance and prevention methods.

1. Only Use Flushable Material

One of the best ways to prevent clogs is by using the equipment properly. This includes only disposing of items meant and formulated for sewer lines. This means that you should not flush toys down a toilet or shove paper down a drain.

When you go shopping for such materials they will tell you if they are able to be flushed in to a sewer line. This even applied to medicated wipes or wet wipes. Some of these will dissolve while others do not so it is important to check before using them.

2. Start in the Home

When you are about to work on sewer line cleaning you need to begin at the obvious source: the home. There is no need, at this point, to start digging up pipe in your backyard or calling a plumber.

his, of course, can change if you are staring at raw sewage sitting on top of your lawn. If your toilets are backed up and the sink is not draining then the culprit is most likely in the pipes of the home. Most of the blockages will be located in the crook of the pipe which is where you should start your efforts.

3. Chemical Cleaning

Sewer line cleaning can either be very easy or very complicated. Using chemicals presents an easy solution to an otherwise difficult problem. There are several kinds of chemicals that you can use.

One of the favorite kinds is a product that works by using expanding foam. You dump the chemical down the line and it begins to foam and expand. This is meant to not only push debris down the line through pressure but to dissolve certain materials.

Other chemicals are pure liquid with no expansion properties. These chemicals are designed to eat away at biological waste to hopefully clear away the sewer line.

4. Mechanical Cleaning

This is the more difficult aspect of sewer line cleaning as mentioned above. This usually means that a blockage is severe and needs more assistance than what a chemical can provide. Typically speaking a drain snake is used in the line.

It is named this because it is long and snakes through the pipes because it is pliable. These can be manual or powered by an engine of some sort. The snake scrapes away debris from inside the sewer lines in an effort to unclog it.