4 Shelving Systems for a Cargo Van

There are a number of options for shelving systems for cargo vans. These are useful for anyone who needs to carry a number of different items in the van, especially tools and smaller things. The shelving systems helps them organize everything and stops screws, switches and more falling around the van during driving.

1 - Metal Shelving

Metal shelving systems for cargo vans are the most common on the market and available for most of the main makes of van. These will be made of galvanized steel and will fit easily into the van.

Generally these will consist of a framework, and plywood will have to be cut and fitted to provide the actual shelving. More expensive shelving system will offer metal shelving. In all cases the shelves will have lips to prevent items sliding off onto the floor. Metal shelving isn’t too expensive and the fact that it’s created specifically for the van means that the installation is quite simple, even for a novice.

2 - Home Made

Those on a real budget will opt for home made shelving systems. These will almost always be constructed from wood and plywood. They can offer some advantages over metal shelving systems as they can be made to suit the owner’s needs.

The problem with these systems is that they’re not as sturdy as the metal shelving systems and can’t take heavy loads too easily. Without extra security, such as bungee cords, it can be very easy for the loads to shift and fall when cornering. With nothing prefabricated the shelving system has to be designed and then measured and built. This takes skill with woodwork in order to make a shelving system that won’t collapse.

3 - Custom System

Many companies offer custom shelving systems for cargo vans. It’s an obvious fact that one size of shelving system doesn’t fit all. Some people need space for drawers to hold screws, nails and fasteners. These can be built in to the shelving system so it can slip off and leave metal everywhere. Others needed taller or smaller shelves because of the size of items that they carry.

A custom shelving system can allow for all of this. By sitting down with the van owner the company can design and built what’s needed. The problem with all this is that custom shelving systems tend to be expensive due to the time involved in the construction of the shelving.

4 - Plastic Bins

There are metal shelving systems where the items don’t sit directly on the shelves, but in plastic bins that fit on the shelves. This means there’s no danger of the items falling off, and the plastic bins offer an extra level of security. The goods can be divided up by category, making them easier to find when needed.

The entire bin can also be removed if a number of items are needed from it for a job, which can save several trips to and from the cargo van. Solid lids on the plastic bins prevent the cargo from spilling in the van.