4 Signs of a Bad Disc Brake Caliper

There are few things worse than having a bad disc brake caliper. The brakes are an essential part of your vehicle and they are the best way to stop it. Here are some signs to notice when you have a bad brake caliper.

1 - You will Notice Strange Sounds

Normally when your disc brake caliper is worn you will notice strange sounds coming from it. This will be a squeaky or squealing sound that should never be ignored.

2 - Hard to Push Brake Pedal

foot applying pressure to brake pedal in car

Having a hard time pushing on the brake pedal is a sure sign that the disc brake caliper is out of tune. If you feel that you have to use all of your might when stopping your vehicle this is indeed a sign of trouble.

3 - Vehicle Warning Lights

If your vehicle brake warning lights keep coming on, this may be an indication of having bad brake pads or calipers. Never ignore this sign and be sure to take action on it. Flashing lights on a vehicle are often warning signs of "danger."

4 - Jerking while Stopping

Your brake pads will also give a strange jerking reaction when you are trying to stop your vehicle. This often means trouble and can cause bigger issues with your vehicle if unaddressed.