4 Silt Fence Supplies

A silt fence is a temporary fence put in place as a sedimentary control measure. Many construction sites use them to keep water run-off from carrying disturbed dirt and other materials from being washed into local water supplies and lowering the quality of the water. To make a silt fence, you only need a few extra supplies, including fencing, stakes and a few common tools, like a hammer and a shovel.

#1: Silt Fence

Silt fencing is generally sold at hardware stores in rolled lengths of 50 or 100 feet.

#2: Silt Fence Stakes

Most silt fencing stakes are made from 2x2 pieces of pine about 3 feet long. If you are going to make your own stakes, use any material of your choice, so long as it is suitable for driving a nail or staple into it.

#3: Super Silt Fence

A super silt fence is a stronger, taller form of silt fence, incorporating both synthetic silt fence and chain link. Super silt fence is used for heavy-duty applications and areas with frequent high flooding.

#4: Tools

To install a silt fence, the only tools required are a shovel to dig the trench, a sledgehammer to drive in stakes, a staple gun to attach the fencing and an optional utility knife to cut the fence.