4 Simple Alternatives to Remodeling a Kitchen

Redoing your home is often a dream project. Remodeling a kitchen to create the kitchen of your dreams will make not only cooking but entertaining more enjoyable. Here are four ideas of possible simple remodels that will create a new look in your kitchen.

Changing the countertops in your kitchen can change the entire theme of the room. There are many different options from marble to granite, to a speckled countertop or a solid colored one; the countertop can add an excellent color base to any kitchen.


Perhaps you have linoleum now, consider replacing it with tile or hardwood floors. Floors can brighten up any room with a light colored tile or a polished hardwood.

Consider repainting your kitchen. This is a simple task in comparison to redoing the countertops or the cabinets and can enhance any kitchen by adding color to what may be outdated wallpaper or dull coloring. Consider a bright accent color – yellow, a light red or a light green are all colors that go well in a kitchen.

Replacing the cabinetry may be the most difficult and most expensive option when remodeling your kitchen. However, it will certainly give a full body makeover to the room that everyone talks about when visiting your home. In addition, replacing old, dark cabinets with lighter, new ones will add invaluable brightness to your kitchen as well as a much-needed facelift to outdated and dapper-looking kitchen cupboards.

Depending on your budget and how much work you’re willing to put into your kitchen any of these can provide an array of options when remodeling your kitchen. Don’t be afraid to branch out and research all of your options and get creative with your kitchen remodeling ideas.