5 Simple Steps to Build a Wardrobe Storage Cabinet

Several nails and a hammer rest on top of a light wood piece.
What You'll Need
Measuring tape
Marking tool
Electric saw
Drill and screws
Hammer and nails
Router (optional)
Drop cloths, plastic, or newspaper
Sealant liquid
Brackets (optional)

A wardrobe storage cabinet solves the need for an extra storage space. Each and every one of us could use some more storage for our clothing and accessories. Unfortunately, hiring a carpenter or purchasing a wardrobe storage cabinet already assembled can be an expensive affair. However, anyone who knows the basics of carpentry and has enough space in his or her home can build a wardrobe. If you’re willing to spend some quality time on it and follow these simple steps, you can make that extra space in no time.

Step 1 – Make the Frame

Your first move should be to make a simple frame for the wardrobe and temporarily attach it to the wall where you want it. The dimensions of this frame are entirely up to you. Consider how much space you need, what will be stored inside, and how much wall space you have available before cutting wood to make this skeleton. Once you’ve decided on your dimensions, take your wood of choice and measure and mark the size of the pieces you will need. Cut with an electric saw and then screw your pieces together. Once the frame is fixed in place, the basic structure of the final wardrobe should begin to become apparent.

Step 2 - Add the Side and Back Pieces

Next, build upon the frame by adding the sides and back. Consult the dimensions from the frame to figure out what size your side and back pieces need to be before you begin cutting. Again, these can be made from your wood of choice, so be sure to pick something that will match the décor of your room. Staining the wood later is also an option, but it is recommended that you test the stain on the wood first to be sure you will get the look you want before you use it on your new cabinet.

Step 3 – Attach the Doors

After this, you’ll need to do some trimming to prepare the door opening. Ready-made doors are available at many home improvement stores on the market, and you can typically specify the exact size and style that you seek. Look into this option before making the cabinet itself so you can be sure the doors and wardrobe will match.

Once you have the doors ready, you’ll fix them into place as per the instructions that accompany them. This will typically involve mounting hinges on the wardrobe and the door and securing them in place with screws.

Making your own doors will require more work and access to a router with several types of bits. If you have a lot of woodworking experience, as well as the tools to do it, this is definitely an option, but for the more casual DIYer, a premade door is the simplest solution.

Step 3 - Customize

At this point, your wardrobe storage cabinet is effectively ready. However, additions can be made to customize it further to fit your needs. For example, you can install a hanging rod, or individual dividers, shelves, or even add drawers for further convenience.

Step 4 – Add the Finishing Touches

After your wardrobe is completed and has the features you want inside, the final step is to finish its appearance. If you had plans to stain your wood, now is the time to apply it. Remove the cabinet from its temporary hold on the wall and take it to a well-ventilated area. Lay down drop cloths or newspaper underneath the cabinet and wear gloves to protect your hands. Apply your choice of stain with a brush, taking care to make the coat as even as possible. Once the staining process is done and your wardrobe is dry, use a good sealant liquid to protect the wood and the stain.

If you want to paint the wardrobe instead, apply your sealant liquid first and then prime and paint normally. Wood stain, sealant, primer, and paint can all be purchased from your local home improvement or hardware store.

Finally, you will need to secure your cabinet to the wall in a more permanent fashion. If you know you may want to move the wardrobe at a later date, use something like brackets that can be screwed and unscrewed as needed.

This may sound like a lot of work, and it will take some time. But by following these simple steps, you can build your own homemade wardrobe storage cabinet without too much difficulty and without much hassle. Your wardrobe storage cabinet will be built according to your own specifications, and ultimately, you will enjoy the cabinet even more knowing that you saved money and accomplished this home improvement project entirely on your own.