4 Sliding Window Treatment Options 4 Sliding Window Treatment Options

There are a number of different sliding window treatments that work excellently. Learn more about them through this article.

1. Honeycomb Window Treatments

This treatment can be undertaken if you want to install cellular shades which protect the house from hot and cold weather. These window shades come in a number of different designs, so select them as per your liking. You can also select blinds which close horizontally or vertically. 

2. Classic Curtains

This treatment is quite classic and common in most homes. There are a number of different patterns, materials and colors available in curtains. You need to choose one as per your taste and liking and mount it on a traverse rod. This will also help in providing you safety and would prove to be a good window treatment for your sliding doors.

3. Sliding Panel Blinds Treatment

This type of window shades is the second most common treatment installed by many. They end up overlapping the fabric panels on a wheeling system, and prove to be a very good option for the sliding door treatment. They also help in protecting the house from sun, as they usually come with a solar screen installed in them.

4. Roman Shades Treatments

Another option for the sliding door window treatment could be installing roman shades in the house. This type of shade will protect the house in the winter season, as it is made of quilted fabric that has an insulted inner core. You can put these shades on your sliding door window, which will then help in preventing the cold air leaking from both sides of the window.

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