4 Space Saving Ideas for a Magazine Rack

A magazine rack is always useful in the home for keeping that jumble of magazines together. The problem is that magazine racks take up space you can use for other things. You need a magazine rack that will help save, instead of take up, space.

Wall Mounted

You can save floor space by having a wall-mounted magazine rack, which keeps the magazines neatly out of the way. They’re available in many different styles, from traditional to modern.

Some will be like letter holders, which replicate library systems. Others will require rolling the magazines to fit the opening, which isn’t always a good idea since you need to be able to see which magazine you’re picking up. A few will have a central spine with doweling extending to the sides so the magazines can drape over them. There are also magazine racks that look like slim, wall-mounted baskets and are often made of chrome or another metal. These are sturdy enough to hold plenty of your favorite magazines.

Couch Arm

One way to keep magazines out of the way is to have a magazine rack on the edge of the couch. These are weighted at one end. This end extends inside the couch and down to the edge of the seat with a pocket for magazines on the outside of the couch.

Although useful, the weight factor means they can only hold a few magazines. For those who don’t keep a large collection of magazines in their living rooms, this can be an ideal solution. The magazines are still very accessible and are located where you’ll be most likely to read them, but are kept tucked away from the eyes

Collapsible Storage

If you’re someone who keeps back issues of magazines for reference, you will want somewhere to store them out of the way so your magazine racks aren’t over flowing. Collapsible, fold-up cardboard magazine containers can provide the answer. They’re magazine racks that can store neatly into a bookcase. Made of a single piece of cardboard, they fold together and can hold several handfuls of magazines neatly.

Commercial Magazine Racks

If you want a magazine rack that will hold plenty of magazines without taking up much space, one popular commercial style is a standing rack with up to 10 pockets. This means the rack will hold as many magazines as most other racks while keeping them neat and tidy.

The floor space it takes up is minimal and the magazines are on show, making it easy to select the one you want. Additionally, you don’t have to bend down to get to the magazines.

Rotating magazine holders are another good option. These have four sides with each side holding up to 10 magazines, and they stand off the floor while rotating on a base. This means they take up very little floor space but still offer ample magazine storage room. There are several styles, each of them variations on the same theme. Although they’re made for businesses, they can bring some chic style to the living room or den.