4 Spark Plug Fouling Symptoms

Spark plug fouling is a common cause for combustion related problems. Spark plugs can be oil fouled, carbon fouled, splash and ash fouled. They can also overheat or wear out. Read on to learn about a few symptoms of spark plug fouling.

1. Bad Mileage

Bad mileage is one of the most common symptoms of having a fouled spark plug. If you’re starting to notice that you have to pay a lot more visits to the pump than usual, then it’s likely you have fouled spark plugs.

2. Bad Acceleration

A fouled spark plug will fail to properly ignite the air-fuel mixture in the combustion chamber. The engine will get less overall power because it is not working at full capacity. This will become most obvious when you hit the gas and the acceleration is poor. Check your plugs if the car is becoming sluggish.

3. Misfires

As previously stated a spark should always properly ignite the combustion chamber. Unburned fuel will cause the engine to misfire. Although there are other things that can cause it, misfires are usually a sign that the spark plugs are fouled, firing too late or not at all.

4. Engine is Rough in Idle

Having an electrical problem, such as spark plug fouling will make the engine behave erratically while in idle mode. If multiple sparks are fouled due to spark plug fouling the engine can even stop completely while in idle.