4 Specialty Tools Needed to Install an Aluminum Door Frame

hand using screwdriver tool on aluminum door side

If you are installing an aluminum door frame then there are a few specialty tools that you are going to need. Here is a list to look over to help you get the tools you need to start your project.

Caulking Gun

When you are installing the frame for an aluminum door, a caulking gun and caulk are two necessary things that you will need. This is going to be used to apply the caulk to the top and sides of the frame

Drill with Twist Drill Bit

A drill is used in the installation to attach the frame to the wall as well as the door to the frame. The twist bit is the best bit to use to get a clean cut right through the aluminum.

Hack or Circular Saw

Often times you will need a hacksaw to cut pieces of aluminum to fit into the door frame.


A sander can be used on rough edges after being sawed in order to file it down and make it look and feel smooth. This is a necessary step to make sure no one gets hurt from rough edges.