4 Spiffy Metal Corner Desk Designs 4 Spiffy Metal Corner Desk Designs

For look and durability, you can’t go wrong with a metal corner desk. And with the styles that are available today, metal no longer means industrial.


The L-shaped metal corner desk design is big on space and style. It offers lots of surface space and often has drawers and cabinet underneath. The L-shape also looks great as a room divider, a nice feature if your home office has to serve more than one purpose. The metal construction lends a more modern look than the traditional triangular corner desk and gives a boost to a contemporary home office.

Minimal V-Shape

With a minimal metal corner desk, there is no shelving or extra surface space.  There is room for your computer and that’s pretty much it. But the sleek lines of the desk and clear glass top mean that the desk is not the focal point of the room. Perfect for the casual computer user or gamer.


While short on surface space, the vertical metal corner desk makes up for it in shelving. Some vertical corner desks have shelves that go all the way up to the ceiling and are able to accommodate printers and other equipment. If you need lots of storage but are short on horizontal space, this style is ideal.


With angled legs and supports that make you wonder how they stand up, futuristic desks—also referred to as modern or contemporary—are all about style. If you are looking for an unusual or unique metal corner desk that adds a modern design element to your room, futuristic is the way to go. 

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