4 Steps to Grow a Boxwood from Seeds

Rows of boxwood shrubs
What You'll Need
One package of viable boxwood seeds
One two inch pot for each boxwood
Five gallons of organic potting soil
Two pounds of gardening gravel
Liquid fertilizer
Squirt bottle with mist capability
Plastic wrap
Paper Towels

Boxwood seeds are fairly easy to germinate. The boxwood shrub makes an excellent garden border and is often used in flower boxes. The following are instructions on the best way to raise mature boxwood shrubs from seeds.

Step 1 - Container Preparation

stacks of terra cotta pots

You will need to raise your boxwood in containers for the first year of their life. Keeping the seeds protected will increase your success rate. Before you begin germination, you will need to prepare one two-inch pot for every seed you want to plant.

Make sure your two-inch pots are equipped with drainage holes before filling the bottom of the pot with a small layer of gravel. The gravel will aid in drainage; preventing seed and root rot. Fill the remaining space in the container with organic potting soil. Use a soil test to make sure the potting soil has a pH between 6.0 and 7.0.

Step 2 - Seed Germination and Stratification

Germinate your boxwood seeds by placing them in between several layers of damp paper towels. Place them in a room with a constant temperature of 70 degrees. You should keep the paper towels moist, but never saturated with water. Water saturation will lead to mildew and fungus. If the seeds do not sprout in four weeks, you will need to stratify them by moving the damp paper towels into a 39-degree room for four weeks, then move them back into a 70-degree room.

Step 3 - Plant and Raise Seedlings

boxwood plants in planters

When the first indication of a small white sprout emerges from a boxwood seed, it will need to be planted into a two-inch pot. Plant it in moist soil with the white sprout pointing down into the container. Cover the top of the pot with a layer of plastic wrap and place it in a sunny area until a green sprout emerges from the soil. Once growth occurs above the soil, the plastic wrap should be removed.

You will need to care for the boxwood seedlings in their two-inch pots until the seedlings are at least two inches tall. After the seedlings have grown, you can plant in the ground. Keep your boxwood seedlings in partial shade and mist regularly. Also, feed the plant with liquid fertilizer.

Step 4 - Transplant Seedlings

In about one year your boxwood shrubs should have established a root system in their two inch pots that is capable of sustaining the shrub. During early spring, carefully remove each seedling from their pots and place the seedlings into their permanent home. Use a shovel to dig holes deep enough to sustain the shrub and cover the roots with garden soil. Water each seedling.