4 Storage Ideas for Garage Cabinets

In our incredibly busy lives it becomes more and more important to have organized storage and garage cabinets can certainly help. A garage, for many, is an additional storage area. Tools are stored in the garage alongside the family car just as others may have gardening supplies. Garage cabinets can often be added to your current design to not only increase storage space but to also improve your organization. The following article will share with you ways to increase space with garage cabinets as well as to what to store in them.

Keep a Safe Garage

One severe problem that one encounters in their garage is safety. Various chemicals are often stored out in the open which leaves them prone to some obvious problems. They can become ruined by the dampness found in the environment of the garage. Some chemicals, like turpentine, are dangerous to people and animals and are often left out. Oil, gas and kerosene can easily spill causing severe problems with cleaning up the garage floor. Garage cabinets can solve all of these problems. Metal garage cabinets can be used to store your more dangerous chemicals. Garage cabinets often come with locks so you can keep dangerous chemicals out of the hands of children and away from pets.

Clothing Storage

How often have you been outside working hard on the car or in the garden just to be yelled out for tracking dirt and grime into the house? Garage cabinets are perfect for putting on, taking off and storing your work clothing away from the clean home. When they need to be washed you can merely take the wash basket to the garage and remove the items. You can easily add hooks, hangers and a bar to garage cabinets or purchase them already modified with these accessories.

Small Items and Tools

Small items are often getting lost inside the vastness of a garage. Nails, screws and miniature screwdrivers often vanish into thin air. Even larger tools like drills and sanders can go missing in the clutter. Garage cabinets are a very useful storage center to keep these items stored in a safe and organized area. Purchase garage cabinets that contain shelves so you can place more items inside it. You can also make use of bins and trays for items that need to be separated like screws, nails and bolts.

Hobby Organization

When you have a hobby you know how hard it is to keep your items organized. This can be frustrating when you have more than one hobby. Whether you are glass etching, working with wood or building plastic models you can have control and organization over your pastime. Garage cabinets will not only organize your hobby (multiple or singular) but keep it away from the rest of the home. Garage cabinets come in various sizes so you can easily use one to store all of your hobby materials or dedicate one garage cabinet for each hobby. Trays, buckets, shelves and other similar containers can easily be added to accommodate all of the materials.