4 Stylish Projects With Succulents

A terrarium beside a window with succulents in it.

Adding greenery in and around your home makes for perfect decor pieces, which bring life wherever you decide to incorporate them within your house. But if you're afraid of committing to typical houseplants, an easy and low-maintenance way to get some green in your home is via succulents. Here are three stylish projects to be completed with this genre of plants, explained in detail below.

1. Terrarium

Terrariums are quite possibly the most popular DIY style piece that features succulents, and for good reason! These are easy to create, simple to maintain, and look beautiful in a home. To make your own, first choose a container. This could be an open-top cylinder vase or jar, or it could be a dome-shaped glass. Spread a layer of gravel on the bottom of the container, sprinkling a bit of charcoal on top.

Next, spread a layer of clean potting soil so that it's about a half inch deep. Make a small hole in the soil with your finger for plant roots, placing succulents atop the soil. If you're using moss, arrange it on the soil. Place your terrarium in a spot that receives some sunlight and mist it lightly when soil is dried out to keep healthy.

2. Vertical Garden

Succulents in containers arranged on a ladder.

Vertical gardens are a stylish and chic way to add greenery to your home, and they’re particularly easy to maintain when they feature succulents. One way to create this look within your home is to use a small old ladder. Paint or stain the ladder as desired and then add several wood planks on the ladder steps to create shelves. Arrange potted succulents to your liking on each step.

Another way to create an interesting vertical garden is to use a picture frame as a planter. Use chicken wire, thick sticks or frame molding, glue, a staple gun, a plywood board, and moss to create this project. Join the pieces of wood together to create a frame, measuring the plywood so that it fits onto the back of the frame as a backboard.

Line the board with a plastic bag to make the frame waterproof. Spread the soil in the frame, laying the chicken wire on top of it. Plant the succulents in any arrangement you desire and lay moss in the empty spaces. Attach a picture frame hanger to the back of the frame to hang your piece on the wall, ensuring it receives direct or indirect sunlight. This presents a trendy piece that will be sure to spark a conversation among guests!

3. Front Door Wreath

While many homes feature wreaths made of flowers or leaves, a wreath made of succulents creates a stylish statement when placed on any door or wall space. This is also an easy project to complete! First, gather your supplies. You’ll need succulents, scissors, a 12-inch wire wreath frame, moss, moistened soil, copper wire, a pencil and a screwdriver, floral pins, and fertilizer.

Next, cut off pieces of succulents two to three inches long. Let the clippings sit for a few days to let them dry out, creating calluses on their bottoms and cultivating new roots from the stems. Place the frame on moss, adding succulent roots into the holes as desired. Press the moss around the roots, using floral pins to secure the plants as needed. Keep in mind that these plants shouldn’t be bunched too tightly, as that prohibits growth. Fertilize the wreath approximately once every six weeks, submerging it in water for 10 minutes to hydrate whenever if becomes fully dry.

4. Shabby Chic Bird Cage

Succulents in a bird cage outside.

Another stylish addition to your home comes in the form of this succulent birdcage project. This is an easy project to complete that makes a definite statement as a decor piece! For this project, check local craft stores for miniature bird cages. You’ll also need succulents, moss, floral glue, and succulent soil.

Begin assembling this project by soaking the moss in water, then placing a small amount at the bottom of the birdcage. If desired, use floral glue to adhere it to the bottom of the birdcage to ensure it doesn’t shift around. Add succulent soil to the moss to help preserve the lifespan of the plants.

Finally, arrange your succulents atop the moss and soil. You may choose to crowd the space with as many succulents as possible, or you can keep things simple with just one. Create several small bird cages to be placed next to each other in a windowsill or just one larger cage to use as a statement piece on an end table.

Although these are just a few of the many succulent-themed projects that add style and flair to any space, they certainly make a big impact! While creating them is half the fun, enjoying them long after they’re produced is truly the icing on the cake.