4 Sustainable Technology-Related Home Gardening Products 4 Sustainable Technology-Related Home Gardening Products

Living green is more than simply recycling your cans and paper but is also about the types of sustainable technology that you use. Home gardening is the ultimate way for a person to live green. You are giving back to the world you are taking from and doing so in a manner that hits home. There is a certain feeling you can get from eating something raised from your garden or experiencing the flowers you have grown. Maintaining the garden you worked hard to build can be an experience that uses gardening products that are not sustainable. The following article will offer several gardening products are sustainable technology to help you complete your endeavors to living green.

Gardening Hydroponics

Utilizing hydroponics in your gardening sounds a lot harder than it actually is. You can, in fact, build your own hydroponic gardening system. There are products on the market that are made out of recycled materials that will help benefit the living green lifestyle. Essentially, you are growing plants with minimal amounts of soil or no soil at all and allowing nutrient-filled water to cascade over the roots of the plants. The water is collected and recycled to further provide nutrients to the plants over an extended point of time.

Homemade Irrigation

An irrigation system is a fairly difficult thing to do yourself because there are many intricate parts associated it but the final results are tremendous. Small tubes line your garden bed and intersect with each other in order to deliver water and nutrients directly to the roots of the plants. There is no water wasted as you use minimal water to feed your plants and the water is also recycled. An irrigation system can be left alone to do its job with routine checks to make sure there are no leaks. This sustainable technology is also fairly inexpensive.

Compost Bin

Compost is a great way for you to grow plants and vegetables that are perfect in size, taste and texture. Composting is also a great way for you to recycle your green waste. You can create your own compost bin out of an old plastic drum, newspaper, green waste and worms. You create a way for it to turn and after the materials begin to break down you can turn it and over time you can use it in your garden. You can also purchase a compost bin but making one is easy enough to do.

Solar Lighting

You cannot grow a garden without a source of good light. You don't always have the space required to grow a sustainable garden outside of the home. The only solution is to create a garden inside the house. Direct sunlight can be a problem so a solution is to utilize sun lamps that are powered by the sun. You can set them up where you need them to be and run the solar cells to the outside in order to store the power needed to run the lamps. These lamps are not that inexpensive but are worth the cost.


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