4 Things to Check if there is Inconsistent Well Pressure

If your water is sourced through a well on your property then well pressure is important for you. There are certain things that can be wrong if the well pressure is not optimum. The following article will share some of these with you.

1 - Added Fixtures

When you add a new shower or sink to the home these fixtures are now drawing water from the well. These new fixtures can easily decrease the well pressure. This can be cured by increasing the size of the pipe that leads into the home from the well. This will allow more water to come in and be circulated. This will equalize the well pressure.

2 - Limited in Certain Areas

If you are noticing a marked decrease in well pressure in certain areas of the home then the pipe may be too small. Increase the size of the pipes in that area of the home to compensate.

3 - Individual Fixtures

When a fixture begins to have low pressure the problem is most likely found in that fixture. Remove it and clean the screens.

4 - Downhill or Municipal System

Well pressure can vary tremendously if you are at downhill from the well or attached to the municipal system. Install a booster pump to increase the well pressure.