4 Tile Coffee Table Design Ideas

Tile coffee table tops are common in Mediterranean countries and are very simple to create using various tile patterns and styles. Tiles are hard wearing and durable, provided that heavy objects are not dropped onto them. Tiles can look extremely attractive and any design you choose can be accomplished with the right ceramics.

1 – Diamond with Inlay

By finding the center of the coffee table and creating an inlay design with four tiles of a different color you can achieve a contemporary look to your coffee table top. Color choice is based on preference but you can opt for, for example, an inlay which picks out certain colors from your loving room, and surround them with white.

2 – Contrasting Straight Design

You can also lay the tiles in the same way you would tile a wall and perhaps have two inlays spaced equidistant from each other within the pattern.

3 – Brick Pattern

Brick pattern with a staggered running bond will look marvelous as an addition to your table top. You can keep to one color or alternate colors or rows. Either way the look will be neat and clean.

4 – Brick with Inlay

You can also optimize the pattern by using a brick patterned inlay with either different color tiles or picture tiles.