4 Tile Mirror Designs 4 Tile Mirror Designs

A tile mirror can look good in any room. However, there are several different options for tile mirrors.

1 - Like a Mirror

Setting up 4 tiles, each 6 by 6 inches (or of any size), replicates a standard wall mirror, and is the most common type of tile mirror. It’s easy to put up and does the job well, while still managing to look a little different.

2 - Small Tile

You can make a tile mirror from tiles that are 1 by 1 inch. These will work as mirrors, although not for any close inspection. They will give the mirror effect and act as good design, for an accent and additional light.

3 - Mosaic

Mosaic mirror tile can be different to small tile. The shapes are random, often from a smashed mirror, and they’re used for art and effect. The designs are limited only by the artist’s imagination as they’re not meant to be used as mirrors.

4 - Effects

Putting mirror tiles in a niche can give the illusion of making a room seem much bigger. It smaller spaces it can be very beneficial in making the place seem less cramped. Generally these will be 12 by 12 inch tiles, as the aim is simply to cover the surface.

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