4 Tile Patterns to Spice Up Your Kitchen Island

Tile patterns on a kitchen island can be created using a variety of designs, colors, shapes and sizes. There combination possibilites are endless.

1 - Beach Patterns

A seaside design can be achieved using small deep blue tiles in the shape of waves. These tiles can be interspersed with wave shaped tiles of varying colors of blue such as aqua and light blue. This beach tile pattern works particularly well with tan or wood kitchen cabinetry.

2 - Modern Patterns

A modern pattern for your kitchen island can be created using gray slate tiles. Vary the slate colors using lighter and darker shades of gray. These tiles look terrific with stainless steel and other contemporary cabinetry.

3 - Mosaic Patterns

Broken tile pieces can be installed to create a colorful mosaic on your kitchen island counter top. Consider using a combination of solid and patterned tiles in your design. Be sure the tile colors work well with the material and style of the cabinetry in your kitchen.

4 - Earthy Patterns

Flagstone tiles in varying colors and shapes can create an earthy feeling in your kitchen. Use flagstone in natural hues such as mustard, rust and brown. This pattern and color combination works well with simple kitchen cabinetry.