4 Tips for Applying Bumper Filler 4 Tips for Applying Bumper Filler

The bumpers on the cars today have a type of moulding around them called bumper filler. You can apply your own bumper filler to customize the look of the car. It is not a hard thing to do, but you need to know a few things before you do it. First get the correct one for your car by using the make, model and year. You will also want to know the color of the filler. You can get it from the car compan or you can get them from several different car parts sales stores and online that will actually save you some money.

Tip #1 - Taking the Old Filler Off

When you go to take the old filler off you going to go on a scavenger hunt for all the bolts that hold it in place. Get you a ratchet wrench with a long extension, you are going to need it. The first nut is hidden behind the inner fender on the passenger side. When you get it loose, leave it in there and let the wrench hold it in place, it is not necessary to remove this nut. You are going to have to open the hood so you can find the clips that hold the bracket and the filler end in place.

Tip #2 - Care of the New Filler

Make sure that the new filler is not cold or it will not install easily. If you are doing this in cold weather or in a cold place, either put the filler in the sun to warm up. Don't place it on cold concrete this will not work. If it is not warm enough outside, then place it inside where it can warm up and be more flexible. You don't want to try to slide this around the metal when it is so stiff.

Tip #3 - Finding All the Screws

Looking under the bumper there are more screws holding this filler in place. When you have removed them all it will slide off towards the driver door. If it doesn't slide you still have a bolt or screw somewhere that has not been removed. Look all around underneath the bumper and make sure that you have removed them all. Make sure the clip inside behind the bumper is free and not holding the filler back. There is a groove in the filler that fits on the lip and slides behind the bumper. It will not just pull free.

Tip #4 - When You Install the New One

Once you have the old filler off, take the new one that is warm and flexible. Start by sliding the end in the groove on the bumper on the driver side, it should fit right in that slot. Walking around pull it gently into place. If it doesn't slide good put a little silicon spray on the lip and it will go in easier. Just install the same way you took it off only backwards. Make sure that you put all the screws back in place. The clip on the end of the rubber filler piece is very important that it gets put back correctly. Then tighten up the old bolt with the ratchet holding it in place. You are ready to go.


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