4 Tips for Attaching a Bench Grinder to a Concrete Floor

A bench grinder varies in size and styles making installing them somewhat tricky. Smaller versions can be bolted directly to the top of the work bench. Larger bench grinders can be bolted directly to the concrete of your work area. This will give you a very sturdy work surface, but will also be somewhat permanent. The following article will provide you with a few tips on how to attach a bench grinder to a concrete floor.

Pick the Right Spot

A bench grinder is a fairly large piece of equipment and when you mount it to the floor you better be satisfied where you put it. Choose a location that is central to your needs. If you spend more time using the bench grinder than you do using a table saw then put the bench grinder in the more prominent location. Due to the sparks that are bound to happen while using the bench grinder you should keep it as far away from rags drenched in turpentine. Also try to have it a foot away from the wall.

Even Surface

Even though your garage may appear flat it may not be and placing any type of machinery on an uneven surface can cause problems. Even though great care was taken to give you a level floor there is settling that occurs as well as slight slopes in the earth before the concrete is poured. Use a level and place it at several spots on the floor to find the areas that are the most level. Take into consideration the size of the bench grinder when checking levels. Placing the bench grinder on an uneven surface can cause your work to not be perfect. When you find even surfaces mark them with an "X" using a piece of chalk. You can then determine the best location for the bench grinder. You can also use pieces of wood as a shim to even out the bench grinder before you fasten it to the floor.

Build around it

Many people prefer having an entire workplace to use and you can too even if your bench grinder is fastened to the floor. Place the bench grinder where you want it and then build or move the workbench around the grinder. This way the tops will be level and you will have space to work. It may seem like a lot of work at the time, but the end result is a perfect work area.

The Right Bolts

When you set out to attach a bench grinder to concrete requires that you use bolts that not only will hold the bench grinder, but will hold in the concrete. Choosing small bolts, in both length and thickness, will only jeopardize the stability of the bench grinder. It is important to choose a bolt that is at least 3/4-inch in diameter and 4 to 6 inches in length. This size bolt will give you length to secure itself into the concrete slab and thickness to ensure it will not bend or shear off during installation.