4 Tips for Building a Concrete Block Retaining Wall Corner 4 Tips for Building a Concrete Block Retaining Wall Corner

Doing all of the home improvement projects yourself can be fun but also prove to be difficult at times especially, when you are trying to build a concrete block retaining wall corner. Thankfully, though, there are many tips to ensure that your project goes smoothly and you enjoy the process instead of pulling your hair out.

Nice and Level

One of the most important tips when it comes to securing the wall corner is to make sure that it is on a level ground. If you start to build the corner, and the base is not level, you are setting yourself up for a lot of problems in the future. Taking extra time here to do this step right will help you complete the rest of the project with ease.

Sturdy Ground

While making sure that your base is level, you will want to make sure that it is sturdy and of a material that will hold up a wall and be the cornerstone for it. If you have sand in this location, you will want to get concrete and mix it to pour down. While this step may seem annoying, you will be very thankful later on that you took the precaution. All you need is a little rain and your sandy base can start sinking.

Take Your Time

Going through the motions quickly and not doing everything with caution could end up hurting you in the long run. You want to make sure that when you are going through this project, you are taking time to make sure that everything is secure. The corners and bases of the wall are the most important. If you continue to build on something that isn't sturdy, then you will have problems in the future. Taking that little extra time out now will end up saving you hours, days, or weeks later if something goes wrong.

Let the Cement Dry

This step goes hand in hand with taking your time. Letting the cement dry is very important. If you start to build on wet cement, you will cause it to fall or dig down. The worst part of this happening is that it is a hard problem to fix. Once the cement dries, if it's in a bad position, you will have to take measures to remove it before you can start the project over again. This can be completely avoided by just giving the cement enough time to dry and set before moving on. Oftentimes, it is best to wait a little longer than the directions say just to make sure, as the weather and climate also plays into the length that it takes for cement to dry.

If you follow these tips, you are sure to get a great concrete block retaining wall corner in place in no time. Give yourself a pat on the back after this task!

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