4 Tips for Building a Covered Patio Pergola 4 Tips for Building a Covered Patio Pergola

Patio Pergola is a decorative gazebo that can be installed anywhere in your back or front yard. It is stylish enough to put near a pool. Position a table and chairs inside the patio pergola to finish it off. Lighting can be added for nighttime use. By building a covered patio pergola your, you will be able to save a lot of money as it is a costly affair to get it done by a professional. Below are few tips to you help you finish the project smoothly and successfully.

1. Understand your Need and Style

There are several styles of the patio pergola such as attached and freestanding. You may opt for a smaller style if you are looking for a portable option. The smaller ones are more like a tent top and have steel poles for a frame. They can be used for camping, or picnics in the park. These are freestanding are quiet inexpensive to build. Mostly they are designed in rectangular shape and stand with the help of poles.

Where as if you already have some structure already built, you can opt for an attached style. They look quiet stylish and can be built with the help of wooden kit. If you have an arched roof then you will need to make one accordingly.

2. Choosing the Material and Color

Before you start building a covered patio pergola, you need to finalize the material and color. You can choose a material and color which can be stained to match different woods or it can be painted. The material you choose should have an option of getting painted to match your home or even in your favorite color. Two of the most popular options are vinyl and aluminum. While aluminum is a little costly in comparison to vinyl, but is more durable as well. They are rust free and pests also don't attack them. Moreover, you can always power coat the aluminum to increase its life.

Additionally, ensure that material you get is a little extra. This will ensure that you do not run off to the market again if you are short of material.

3. Take Precaution

It is highly recommended that you wear protective items such as protective gloves and goggles while working on the project. Also ensure you paint the material in a well ventilated area. In addition, you can call your friend to help you out if you are not experienced with construction work.

4 Collect all Tools in Advance

You will need a variety of material to finish the project such as carriage bolts, twine, wood stakes, ladder, wood beams, wood joists etc. Ensure you have everything ready before you commence the project. Also have a pan of container where you can keep small nails, so as not to lose them.

A pergola will fit right in with the decor of your home. Its stylish design will beautify any lawn. It will look great when you have an evening party under the pergola.

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