4 Tips for Choosing a Sauna Timer

A sauna timer can make your sauna much more convenient to use. It alerts you to the time you have spent in the sauna. It also protects you because it can shut off the sauna if you fall asleep.  Some saunas controls that are built into the construction and some are simpler timers just affixed to the wall. There are several factors to consider when choosing a time.

Mechanical Timers

Some sauna owners simply use a mechanical timer.  Simply turn the dial to the number of minutes you choose and it ticks down until an alarm rings, much like a kitchen timer. The alarm alerts you to the amount of time you have been in the sauna and can awaken you if get so relaxed that you fall asleep.

Electronic Timers

Simple electronic timers work in a similar way to a mechanical timer. You can set it for a certain number of minutes before the alarm goes off. Some timers allow you to set separate timers for other people in the sauna. These also may allow you to choose the type and volume of the alarm that sounds.

Programmable Electronic Timers

Timers with electronic controls are often built into a universal keypad and display that also controls the heater. If the electronic timer is programmable you can more easily manage your sauna heat and time. You can program the timer to start the sauna and heat it up just before you want to use it. This is a handy feature if you use your sauna on a regular schedule. On some timers you can even choose certain days or other schedules or tell it turn off the sauna at a certain time every night.

Sand Timers

A traditional low-tech way to keep your sauna from being just another electronic gadget to maintain is a sand timer. These times work in the same way that an hourglass works. Traditional wisdom encourages sauna users to stay in the sauna for a series of short periods of time rather than sitting in the sauna for one long session. A sand timer was used by the Finnish, who pioneered the sauna, hundreds of years ago. This is a relaxing way to keep track of time with no jarring alarms or noises. The sand simply falls through a funnel from one end to the other. Most sauna sand timers are set for a fifteen minute session.  It is simple to use. Simply turn it over and wait for the sand to flow through. Then you know it has been 15 minutes.

Since clocks and watches don’t work well in the sauna environment it is important to choose a timer. The type you choose depends on your desire for convenience or simplicity. Of course convenience comes with a price and a certain amount of maintenance.