4 Tips for Cleaning Epoxy Resin

mixing epoxy ingredients from two tubes.

Epoxy resin is a fancy name given to very strong adhesives. Epoxy resin is typically found in two parts: rein and the hardener. A correct mix of the two creates an adhesive that is very strong and will not be easily forced apart. Once the two chemicals come into contact a reaction occurs where they begin to bond on a molecular level. In the process the epoxy resin heats up and attaches itself to the object you need bonded. This strong adhesive is often used around the home to fix broken porcelain and furniture. Over time epoxy resin can become discolored, either from age or from being in sunlight too often. This will create an unsightly appearance, but epoxy resin can be cleaned. This article will share tips on how to clean epoxy resin.

1. Buff and not Scrub

Epoxy resin hardens very quickly, but this does not mean that it cannot be scrubbed away. With enough force and friction you can cause the epoxy resin to heat up and then soften. This would make the bond weaken and subsequently cause the item to be easily pulled apart. When you begin to clean the epoxy resin only use a very soft towel and buff the surface with mild force or speed. If the stain is textured or a food particle is stuck on it then you may lightly scrub the epoxy resin with a brush that has a soft bristle to remove the particle. You would then finish by buffing the area.

2. Never Use Alcohol

bottle of isopropyl alcohol

Many people suggest using rubbing alcohol to clean epoxy resin. This is only useful if you want to remove epoxy resin from a surface. You would submerge the item in rubbing alcohol, wait a day or so, and this would significantly dissolve the epoxy resin. Cleaning epoxy resin is different than removing it and for this you wouldn’t require alcohol of any kind to get it clean. Soap and water is the best thing you can use to clean epoxy resin.

3. Discolored Epoxy Resin

If the item you put together with epoxy resin is left out in the sunlight it will discolor and become a brownish tan color. This is not something that can be cleaned with soap and water. You cannot even scrub it clean. Bleach is often used to whiten whites in your laundry, but it can also be used to remove the discoloring. Do not use straight bleach, as too much can cause the epoxy resin to soften. Use a small amount of bleach on a cotton swab and scrub the epoxy resin. The bleach will begin to lighten the discoloration. This may take many passes, depending on how bad the discoloration is.

4. Steam Clean

clothes steamer

Epoxy resin is fairly impervious to heat and water. Most stains are biological in nature, which, once heated and water applied, will loosen and be able to wiped away. There are several cleaning devices available that will produce steam, from large machines to be used on floors to smaller ones meant to be used to take wrinkles out of clothing.