4 Tips for Deck Beam Spacing 4 Tips for Deck Beam Spacing

This guide covers a few tips regarding deck beam spacing and how to avoid making errors that will endanger your decking's structural integrity. They are relatively simple to make if you know how, but they can also be quite daunting to the budding DIY home-expert who has not dabbled in decking previously.

Under Pressure 

Choose pressure-treated lumber as it will make the measurements that you will be making more accurate over time. The deck beam spacing relies on the size and species of decking lumber.

Spaced Out 

Create the initial spacing measurements by dividing the total deck space by the size of the decking lumber plus a 1/2inch spacing. This will give you the basis from which to work on - allowing easy spacing adjustments later on.

Joists Away 

Working out a joist size is also important - 2x6s to 2x10s make up the usual spectrum for joist sizes. Try matching the length depending on the beam that carries them, e.g a 2x6 joist for a 4x6 beam.

Natural Selection 

When selecting the species of your deck beams, there are two main factors: weathering resistance and warping percentage. The latter refers to the amount of warp the wood will undergo and the former to the time it will withstand adverse weather conditions. Experts recommend pressure-treated Douglas Fir.



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