4 Tips for Designing with Faux Brick Panels 4 Tips for Designing with Faux Brick Panels

Faux brick panels are an excellent alternative to brick or tiles. These panels are very easy to install as it only requires some adhesive and screws. Besides being easy to install, the panels are also much less expensive than buying bricks. A panel will be a fraction of what a full brick wall would cost.

1. Pattern

A uniform pattern on the brick siding can be very boring. As with brick walls, think about the type of pattern used on the panels. These panels can easily be customized so if you want a different panel, see about having it made. Alternatively it can be easy to create your patterns with any pattern you want.

2. Colors

As with different patterns, the colors of the bricks on the panel can also vary. A uniform color can be used, several different brick colors, or a complete rainbow of red/brick hues. These panels are very easy to paint so you can achieve any look.

3. Where to Use

Most of the time faux brick panels are used in place of real brick walls. They are traditionally used for renovating fire places. However using these brick panels for entry ways, kitchens, and foyers will create a very dramatic look. Brick panels can be used almost anywhere because they are so easy to cut and install. Try to think outside the box and use them anywhere you want.

4. Shape

These panels can be cut to fit any shape. However if you are looking for a natural brick, the orientation of the bricks should resemble an actual brick wall. Brick walls can be very artistic with the patterns but having the bricks on a diagonal is quite rare. You can create a look that can exactly mimic brick if you like.

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