4 Tips for Easy Crown Molding Installation 4 Tips for Easy Crown Molding Installation

There are ways to conduct an easy crown molding installation, but you must know a few tips and tricks. Installing crown molding can be a great way to add something visually interesting to a room as well as increase the overall value of your home. With this in mind, here are a few tips for easy crown molding installation.

1. Consider Wood Alternatives

One of the first things that you need to consider is using something other than wood. While wood is the most commonly used material for crown molding, there are other alternatives available that are easier to install. For example, you could use Styrofoam or plastic crown molding and achieve exactly the same look as wood. However, these materials will be cheaper and you just glue them in place. This could make your job a lot easier, so you need to decide if real wood molding is worth the added cost and work to install.

2. Use Corner Blocks

Using corner blocks can present you with a great tool to use to make your installation process a lot easier. With corner blocks, you will not have to worry about making angle cuts in the molding with a miter saw or coping saw. You can simply make a straight cut if you need to or use the natural end of the molding. You put the corner blocks up in the corner and this gives you a square edge to go up against on each side. Then just run both pieces of crown molding up to it and you are done. This is going to be a lot easier and faster than trying to make angle cuts. It actually looks very professional and elegant when you are done as well.

3. Paint First

Many people will install the crown molding and then worry about painting or staining it later. However, if you want to make things easier, you should probably reverse the order of this process.

Consider painting or staining the crown molding before you attach it to the wall. If you do not do this, you will have to put up painter's tape and you will have to be very careful to not get paint on anything else besides the crown molding. Painting down on the ground will be much easier than trying to paying carefully up above your head. It will also result in a much smaller mess that you have to worry about.

4. Use a Miter Saw

If you do decide that you want to miter the corners instead of using a corner block, this is fine too. However, you need to consider using a real miter saw instead of a miter box. This will help you make a much cleaner and more professional-looking cut by comparison. You need to make sure that the edges of both pieces of crown molding are completely smooth and cut at the proper angle to ensure that they fit together well.

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