4 Tips for Extending the Life of Aluminum RV Roofing

The RV roofing is often the only thing protecting you from the elements. Keeping the roof in good condition by following a few easy tips can greatly extend its lifetime.

1 - Keeping Clean

Cleaning debris and dirt from the motor home roof will greatly extend the life and keep problems away. With moisture the debris will begin to rot causing mold and mildew issues. Cleaning frequently will prevent larger problems with the roofing and also allow you a time to inspect for issues.

2 - Frequent Inspection

When cleaning the roof, inspect it for any issues or places where the material might be starting to crack or wear. These inspections can not only minimize long term problems, but save a lot of money by fixing the issues quickly when they are small.

3 - Protective Coating

Regardless of what material the roofing is made of, a protective layer of sealant, wax, or even paint can do wonders to protect the underlying surface. Often times, once the underlying materials are exposed, the elements can really do extensive damage quickly. Coating the roof is possibly the most cost effective long-term solution.

4 - Parking Undercover

The easiest thing to do to extend an RV's roof life is to park under covered areas when available and to store the RV covered when unused.