4 Tips for Extending the Life of Diesel Motorhomes 4 Tips for Extending the Life of Diesel Motorhomes

Good diesel motorhomes are reliable, economical, and comfortable. The key to their success is routine maintenance which both prevents mechanical failure and keeps the motorhome running as smooth as possible. To that end, here are some tips to keep your vehicle on the road.

1 - Oil and Oil Filter Changes

A very important maintenance aspect is to change the oil and oil filters on a regular basis. For frequency follow the manufacturer's guidelines. Acid builds up if used oil is left in the vehicle for any length of time, and this is a cause of corrosion. If your vehicle only sees the open road in the summer, then ensure you change the oil and filters when before it is taken off the road.

2 - Air Filters

Like oil filters, air filters protect the engine from foreign bodies. The frequency to change the air filter is based on driving conditions. A more dusty environment will cause the air filter to become clogged faster.

3 - Routine Servicing

All manufacturers recommend routine servicing and maintenance at certain intervals. If these are followed then the life of the vehicle, especially the diesel engine will be prolonged.

4 - Antifreeze

Providing it is clean, good antifreeze keeps vital parts of the engine running cool and smooth. Like oil antifreeze coolant which is left in the motorhome will start to corrode coolant pipes from the inside out. Ensure coolant is replaced at regular intervals. 



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