4 Tips for Garage Door Opener Installation 4 Tips for Garage Door Opener Installation

A garage door opener installation could easily be done by you with the help of some knowledge and tools. There are a couple of important parts that you will have to be familiar with. These are the opener and the garage door itself. You may have to do a repair on both when you install a door opener on your garage.

Examine the Tracks

When you install a garage door opener, you should also check other parts of the door to ensure a smooth operation. You can start with the metal tracks that are found inside the garage. Check the mounting brackets that secure them to the wall. You should tighten the screws and bolts found on the bracket if they are loose. Close the garage door and check on the tracks from inside the garage. See if there are any flat spots, dents or crimps on it. If you find one, you pound it off with a rubber mallet. You may also use a piece of scrap wood and a hammer. If the tracks are too damaged, you should replace them.

Follow Instructions

It is fairly easy to install a garage door and its lift mechanisms. Essentially, you just have to follow the instructions that come with the package. However, such instructions are usually not followed even by professional installers. This will leave a lot of reliability problems later on. Such instructions are provided by the manufacturer’s engineers, so that the right mechanical stability can be achieved making the door and lift mechanisms function safely and trouble free. If you have enlisted the help of a professional and he fails to do the installation by the book, insist on knowing why he did it his way.

Install the Right Stiffeners

Most of the installation instructions for residential garage doors will point out that a steel stiffener with 14 or 1.5 x 1.5 gauges must be installed on the top edge of the door, so that it can be lifted by an electric door opener. There are doors that already have the stiffener installed. Check on the manual if you still need to add the item.

Since not every garage doors is incorporated with lift motors, many manufacturers do not include the stiffener with the garage door, requiring you to purchase it separately. This omission has the effect of the correct stiffener not being installed on the door. This fact frequently happens even if it is a professional who is doing the installation. Failure to have the right stiffener will make the electric lift mechanism bend the top door panel slowly, until there is a jam in the system. The problem is compounded by the fact that it does not become apparent until the door begins to drag and the wheels and tracks need to be lubricated. So always ensure that the appropriate stiffener is installed in your garage door.

What to Do with Bent Garage Doors

If you have already installed your garage door and you find the upper panels already damaged and bent from a wrong stiffener, you will have to use a heavier 2 or 2.5 inch angle steel to force the door back into a flat position. This will prevent further damage from happening on the weakened panel.

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