4 Tips for Improving Your Heat Pump Efficiency

If you want to improve your heat pump efficiency, it is best to perform routine maintenance on it. Although you may choose to call in a professional to maintain your heat pump, you can follow these four tips once a year to help you extend the life of your heat pump while saving you money on electricity.

Clean the Filters

Heat pump efficiency can be affected by the cleanliness of the air filters which are attached to the ducts. These filters take in dust, dirt and debris from the air that is circulated through your home. If clogged, the air filter will allow less hot air to flow through the ducts, which can mean that you have reduced air pressure, and the heat will be at a reduced temperature. Clean the filters by removing them from the ducts and replacing the screen material if necessary. You should have a spare filter on hand to alternate with the filter that is currently in use. Wash the filters free of dirt and leave them to dry so they are ready for the next time you clean the filters.

Change the Refrigerant

Another important part of the heat pump which can be maintained at home is the refrigerant which carries heat from the source to the compressor. This liquid has a tendency to evaporate and leak through gaps. In order to keep your pump running efficiently, you should measure the amount of refrigerant in your coil, and adjust it according to the manufacturer's recommendations. If you find that you are regularly losing a lot of refrigerant, then you will also need to check the pipes for signs of leakage.

Clean the Pump

It is recommended that you clean the inside and outside of the pump with a garden hose to flush away any dirt. Also sweep and and vacuum the system to remove any debris left behind. It is also important to make sure the coils are cleaned since dirt in the coils can lower the efficiency of your heat pump. While you are cleaning the pump, it is a good idea to add more oil to your motor and belt to ensure that they flow correctly.

Regular Maintenance

Performing regular maintenance such as greasing the moving parts, cleaning the pump, and other simple tasks will help to improve your heat pump efficiency. You should see a noticeable difference to the amount of heat supplied throughout your home by your pump. Once you are more confident in maintaining your system, you can also add checking the electrical terminals, adding a non-conductive coating to the connections,  and maintaining the thermostat and the electrical current which it is connected to.