4 Tips for Installing a Corner Shower Shelf

shower shelf

Save space in a shower stall by installing a corner shower shelf. The corner shower shelf can be a single shelf, but it can also be several levels to store all your essentials. Installing a corner shower self isn't difficult, but it can be tricky depending on the surface. The article that follows will share with you several tips, tricks, and hints that you can follow in order to properly install a corner shower shelf.

Always Consider Height

When you are thinking about installing a corner shower shelf, you need to consider not only the height of the shelf, but also your height and the height of the shower. If you have a family, then you have to consider the average height of the collective to get a good height for the corner shelf. If you are working with a single shelf, then placing it in the corner at just above shoulder height is a good place to begin. Multiple shelves are best if the shower shelf is resting on top of the shower frame. It will support its weight and prevent it from falling.

Mark It

Regardless of the size of the corner shower shelf, you should always mark the wall where you want it to be installed. It can take you some time to decide where the corner shelf should be, but once you remove the shelf, the location may disappear and you will have to guess at its location. When you place the shower corner shelf and properly position it, use masking tape to mark the spot. Place a small strip of tape on the side of the shelf and the wall. When you remove the shelf, you will rip the tape. When you attach the corner shelf, you simply have to align both pieces of tape together.

Consider the Surface

When you install a shower corner shelf, you are doing so on top of another surface. The materials that comprise a shower wall can be anywhere from glazed ceramic tile to plastic or fiberglass. Each of these materials is fairly different, and installing a shelf to either of them can differ greatly. In the case of stone material, you will need to first sand the surface to make it rough and to remove any type of sealant on the surface. You also need to make sure you use tape over drill points to prevent breaking and cracking. You will need to create pilot holes prior to using screws. Plastic and fiberglass are relatively easier, as you can use a screw.

Installation Methods

The easiest way to install a shower corner shelf is to screw it in place. Although it is the preferred method, you need to back it up with other methods. Use a silicone adhesive along the back of the shelf and edges.