4 Tips for Installing a Gypsum Ceiling 4 Tips for Installing a Gypsum Ceiling

With the invention of gypsum wallboard, it is very easy and inexpensive to install a gypsum ceiling in your home. Gypsum is a mineral that can be found in sedimentary rock all over the world and is used to make plaster products and wallboard; it is also commonly referred to as drywall or sheetrock. Read on for 4 helpful tips when it comes to ceiling installation.

1. Measure

It is very important to measure the space where you will be installing the gypsum wallboard so that you can be sure you purchase the right amount. Typically the drywall comes in eight-by-four-foot boards.

2. Use a T-Square

After you have measured the ceiling and you are ready to cut the gypsum wall board, use a t-square so that you can be sure the boards will fit straight and clean to the wall.

3. Get a Helper

Though this project is not too labor intensive you will probably need another person to help you hold the wallboard up to the ceiling while you secure it with screws.

4. Joint Compound

For best results, apply at least 3 layers of joint compound, also known as drywall compound, before painting. Make sure you sand down the screw holes and seams you have taped over between each application.

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