4 Tips for Installing an Outdoor Flood Light

An outdoor flood light is a matter of providing security not just you or your family but also for visitors. If you own a business then an outdoor flood light is something that you have to install to prevent possible liability claims. Like any other light you may install, an outdoor flood light also has to be installed properly so that it works correctly and does what it is supposed to do. The article that follows will help you to correctly place an outdoor flood light in order to make it do its job properly.

Connect the Power First

The mistake that many people make when installing an outdoor flood light is that they install it to the wall first and then connect the power. When you do this you may find the light is not properly placed. If this is the case then the outdoor flood light will usually have to be moved or it will stay where you put it but will not do its job correctly. Connecting the outdoor flood light to power first allows you to turn it on and then shine the light and place it where it will do the most good.

Get the Right Bulb

An outdoor flood light often comes with a standard style light bulb. Granted, the light bulb is much larger and durable than a normal bulb but it still has a limited use time. After so many uses the bulb can burn out and you will have to replace it. Replacing an outdoor flood light bulb requires a ladder and decent weather. With this is mind it is always a good idea to start off with a good bulb that will last a long time in order to limit how many times you have to replace it. For this reason a LED bulb should be used in the outdoor flood light. They not only last a long time but will provide the most light wherever you install the outdoor flood light.

Get the Corners

Many people like to install an outdoor flood light on the face of the building. The easiest place for a criminal to hide is in a corner. Without a light in the corner the darkness will be greater and the light will not illuminate a possible threat. To eliminate these blind spots place an outdoor flood light in the corner of the building or, at the very least, install an outdoor flood light on each side of the building so that it illuminates a side of the building.

Close to the Roof

People that install outdoor flood lights want to do so with as little effort as possible. This unfortunately means that the flood lights will not properly light the property. To get a wide area of coverage the outdoor flood lights should be installed close to the roof and not an equal distance from the ground to the roof. Placing the outdoor flood light this high allows the beam to spread out more. This means that a greater area will be covered.