4 Tips for Installing Shower Speakers


Having shower speakers means you can have music or the radio playing as you shower. They’re an enjoyable luxury. Install them properly; otherwise, shower speakers can be dangerous.


Consider where to place the shower speakers. To create the best sound, they need to be at head height. That is perfectly possible, although they can also be higher if you prefer. Remember that they shouldn’t be above the showerhead as too much steam will rise in that area that can damage the connections.

Types of Speaker

It’s important to have the right type of speaker to use as a shower speaker. Those you’d use in the living room just won’t do. Instead, you should choose outdoor or marine speakers that have been manufactured to withstand water. There are plenty available. Some will be speakers that sit flush against the wall, others will hang on the wall. The latter will be far easier to install in the shower as you won’t need to cut large holes.


Wireless speakers are the easiest to install, but they are expensive. That means you’ll need to wire the speakers. With outdoor and marine speakers, the connections are protected. It’s vital to completely follow the manufacturer’s instructions for attaching the wires to the speakers.


Drill through the shower walls for the wires. It can be a difficult procedure, as you need to be sure you don’t crack the tiles as you drill through them. You must find a way to feed the wire through the walls.

Use the best speaker cable you can afford for your shower speakers. Doing so will give you much better sound, as the thicker cable will carry the current much more efficiently. You’ll also find that thicker speaker cables will wear better. They’re less likely to break. Think of them as an investment rather than an expense and use them as much as possible when wiring speakers in your house.


Mounting the shower speakers isn’t a complex procedure. There is usually a bracket that has to be attached to the shower wall. The speakers will attach to that, allowing them to be angled within the shower enclosure.

When putting the brackets on the wall, use the level to ensure that they’re straight. For drilling through the tile, make an “X” of masking tape over the spot where you’ll drill. Doing so will prevent the tile from cracking. Use an anchor for the screws that hold the bracket in place. Drill a hole big enough to accommodate them. Once they’re in place, enjoy your musical shower.