Tips for Installing Vinyl Siding in Corners

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Installing siding on a long flat wall is not too difficult to do, but when you get to the corners, you will need to use specially shaped inside or outside posts for vinyl siding corners.

ExpansionWhen the temperature changes, vinyl siding expands and contracts. The way to allow for this expansion is to install the corner post ¼” down from the soffit or top of the corner.


Each corner should be hung straight, so drop a plumb line for each corner post. Hammer the first nail into the nailing slot. Be sure to nail all nails at the top of the slots so that the posts hang from the nails. When nailing doesn’t drive the nail all the way in. Leave a gap of 1/32” to allow for expansion and contraction.


When you have to put two pieces of the corner post together to get the length you need, be sure the lower piece is underneath and the upper piece is overlapping in order to shed water.


The corners of vinyl siding are one area where moisture can get in under the siding. To prevent this, put flashing about one foot on each side of the corner. Then, install the corner posts over the flashing.

These tips will help you to do a professional installation of your vinyl siding.